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NarroWay is always seeking to add talented actors, singers and dancers to those already on stage.


Live auditions are held prior to beginning rehearsals for most shows featured at NarroWay. Those wishing to audition should contact the cast manager by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in advance of the audition date. Find more information below on what to expect and how to prepare for auditions.

What You Should Know...


Auditions are not required to participate on stage at NarroWay; however, it is preferred that all cast members audition. Auditions allow the directors the opportunity to see potential. Solos, speaking parts and ensemble positions are all determined by auditions.


While few people on stage will have a lead role or solo, all are vital. The highest level of commitment is expected from each cast member, regardless of position or age.


NarroWay Productions accepts cast members of all ages. Children age 12 and under, however, must have a responsible adult on stage as well. Those age 13-18 may participate without an adult on stage, provided a waiver is signed by a parent or legal guardian.


Cast members at NarroWay perform on a volunteer basis. No financial remuneration is received.



How to Prepare...


Auditions at NarroWay are not like the popular talent shows on television. Participants do not have to fear harsh words or critical comments. NarroWay's directors want to see you succeed.


Live auditions are closed to the public. Dramatic and vocal auditions are done individually, while dance auditions are done as a group.


Vocal Auditions -

Those who audition vocally should bring an accompaniment track on compact disc. Acappella auditions are acceptable, but not preferred. The directors will hear up to two minutes of the selected song. If a selection is longer than two minutes, the audition may be interrupted simply to expedite the process.


Dramatic Auditions -

Those who audition dramatically should have a skit, monologue or other dramatic piece prepared to present. The presentation should be from memory and not longer than two minutes.


Dance Auditions -

Dance auditions are conducted as a group. Participants are rehearsed on a series of choreographed moves, then perform the choreographed series in a group audition. Dance auditions may last up to one hour.

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