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  • March 7 - April 18

    NarroWay's Easter Thriller

    Get tickets now - before they're gone! From creation to Revelation, "Lord of Light," is an action-packed, one-of-a-kind portrayal of the resurrection and the unseen battle in the heavenly realms.

  • March 22


    All teen tickets just $10. Fun games and activities prior to the show, then experience NarroWay's sensational Easter show, "Lord of Light."


    March 31 at 12pm

    What happens when a popular game show host is missing from the set? Spin the wheel, uncover the clues and solve more than a puzzle.

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Traveling Mystery Theatre Shows


mystery_theatre_300Mystery Theatre Shows are entertaining, interactive events that are both show and game! A great activity for groups of all ages, a Mystery Theatre can be used as a team-building activity and has excellent educational application to teach problem-solving and deductive reasoning. But besides all that... Mystery Theatre shows are just plain fun!


NarroWay has four different Mystery Theatre Shows from which to choose. Any show can be scheduled for an off-site performance. Bring a NarroWay Mystery Theatre to your venue today!


wheel_300Wheel of Misfortune. Game show host Erik Cuebeck is missing! But who is responsible? Spin the wheel to uncover the clues. Vanna can't help you here. It's the "Wheel of Misfortune!" An ORIGINAL NarroWay Mystery Theatre!


til_death_300'Til Death Do Us Part. The wedding was beautiful. The knot is tied, "'Til death do them part!'" Everyone is invited to the reception to enjoy the delicious food and to toast the bride and groom. There's the lovely wedding party, the guests, the in-laws... and the outlaws. And who can tell the difference? An ORIGINAL NarroWay Mystery Theatre!


dtth_300Death in Them Thar Hills. There's gold in them thar hills and Dusty Jones has found it! All of Cactus Gulch comes together to celebrate. But things aren't always as they seem in this frontier town. There's DEATH in them thar hills, and it's up to YOU to find out who is responsible!



quicker_300Quicker Than the Eye. Out in the wild west, even card tricks can be dangerous! Wild West Magician, Clint Maverick, has built a reputation for performing card tricks that can deceive even the most well-trained eye. But when Maverick is murdered following a performance, he pulls cards from the deck to leave behind clues as to what really happened.



Each Mystery Theatre Show lasts approximately two hours.

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