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Chapter 31: The Journey


directors on stage

Never underestimate the importance of the journey. I am inclined to say that the journey is the most important part of any endeavor.

I have kicked myself many times for not keeping a journal. In the Exodus account of the first Passover, God commands his people to recount the events so that all the generations to follow will hear of His works and know what a great God we serve.

If the only “acts of God” you know about come from the Bible and none from your own life, then you’ve either forgotten all God has done or there’s a problem.

As God commanded Israel, take time to write down some “acts of God” from your journey. Don’t try to write them all at once. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, maybe a truth He revealed and so on. The most amazing thing to me about our journey is that the “big” moments didn’t seem that big while living them.

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Chapter 11: The NarroWay Mindset


birdie clown costumeI Corinthians 9:22: "I have WILL become all things to all men, that by all means I might save some." This is one of Birdie's and Rebecca's life principles which became part of the NarroWay mindset.REBECCA –
We headed back to Kentucky to become what we said we never wanted to be: church staff!

Birdie was Music & Youth. I was Education & Youth.

My first priority was to build the music program. At my first rehearsal I had 12 choir members.

And I was one of them!


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20 years
This blog post begins our 20-Year Anniversary Series. Want to know how NarroWay came to be? Who's idea was it to start this world-class, Christian theater? Get a first-hand account from the founders, K. Rebecca Martin and Yvonne "Birdie" Clark, as they tell their story from the very beginning.
We met in college. I was down a week early for sorority rush.
Birdie –
I was down a week early for band camp.
Rebecca –
Total opposites!
Birdie –
My third-floor roommate for the year ended up being Rebecca’s roommate for sorority rush. I was running down the steps with my tenor sax, headed for field practice when I heard: “Oh look! It’s my roomie! Rebecca, this is Birdie!”
Rebecca –
There was a reason Birdie wasn’t in sorority rush.
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