Berlin Airlift Plane

Berlin Airlift Veterans Land at the NarroWay Theatre

Heroes of the 1940’s Ready to Re-live History

FORT MILL, S.C. - September 27, 2017 - Veterans from across the nation will converge on the NarroWay Theatre this Friday with the annual reunion of the Berlin Airlift Veterans Association. Approximately 70 members will be in attendance at the 6:30pm dinner show, “Not Just Another Love Story.”

Founded in 1989, the Berlin Airlift Veterans Association (BAVA) is comprised of military personnel and civilians who carried out the famed Berlin Airlift operation during the 1940’s.

The group holds an annual reunion in the United States and returns to Germany once every five years. The 2017 reunion is a four-day event scheduled for the greater Charlotte area September 27-30.

Reunion chairman Eddie Ide discovered NarroWay while exploring the area in preparation for the event. "It was on my first exploration visit when I saw the theater,” he recalls. “I met the staff and learned of their productions and my decision was made. Two weeks later, my wife and I enjoyed the Valentine’s Day performance. At intermission she said, ‘The veterans are going to love this place!’”

patriotic dinner show
Photo from "Not Just Another Love Story," set in the 1940's

As though ordained by perfect timing, NarroWay currently features the nostalgic, patriotic dinner show, “Not Just Another Love Story.” Set in the 1940’s, the show brings history to life with authentic costumes, classic 40’s tunes and a storyline that vividly documents the days of World War II.

Members of the BAVA are no strangers to the time period. The Berlin Airlift followed World War II with the occupation of Germany. While international forces occupied the country in sectors, the Soviet Union created a blockade to the sectors of Berlin under Western control in an effort to manipulate policies and currency. With roads, railways and canals blocked, the people of West Berlin were left without food, clothing and medical supplies. In an effort to avoid a third World War, the Unites States and Great Britain countered the blockade by delivering supplies to Berlin by air.

The airlift lasted 11 months, from June 26, 1948 to May 12, 1949. Aircrews carried over two million tons of supplies in 270,000 flights. Members of the BAVA were a significant part of those missions.

“These gentlemen are all genuine American heroes,” notes Ide. “The Berlin Airlift was the most significant non-combat military operation of the 20th century and kept Europe from being taken over by the Soviets.”

While NarroWay recognizes veterans and active military personnel at every show, the September 29th performance of “Not Just Another Love Story” promises to be especially meaningful. “To have that many heroes from that generation in the house is truly a remarkable experience,” says NarroWay co-founder Rebecca Martin. “We always remind our cast that when they shake hands with a veteran from that era, they are holding hands with history.”

Located off Carowinds Boulevard at I-77 Exit 90, the NarroWay Theatre is one of South Carolina’s top-ranked dinner theater venues, featuring family-friendly dinner shows year-round. Fewer than 10 seats are available for the Friday evening performance of “Not Just Another Love Story” and a limited number of tickets are available for final showings on Saturday, September 30. More information is available online at or by calling 803.802.2300.


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