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Musical Theatre Classes

An educational, musical theatre experience for homeschool students ages 7-18

Information Coming Soon for 2020
Registration Opens Nov. 19

Homeschool students have a unique opportunity for professional instruction in musical theatre with NarroWay's Musical Theatre Classes. Students receive instruction in acting, singing, dancing and basic theatrical techniques in an experience that culminates with live performance of a full musical theater production. Develop competence in the creative arts in a Christ-centered environment and build invaluable life skills such as leadership, communication, public speaking and teamwork.

New for 2019! Two classes will be offered in 2019. Students age 13-18 will meet Tuesdays at 9am. While building upon intermediate theatre skills, a composition element will also be introduced. Students age 7-12 will meet Wednesdays at 9am. This class will develop basic theatrical skills, teamwork, leadership, discipline and cooperation while preparing to perform a mini-musical before a live audience. Find more details on each class below!

2019 Performance Dates

  • Billy Loves Bobby Sue
    ages 13-18
    May 15 at 1pm and 5pm
    May 16 at 1pm and 5pm

  • Are We There Yet
    ages 7-12
    May 21 at 6:30pm

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2020 Information coming soon!
Registration opens November 19

Spring 2019 Information

Ages 13-18

This class builds upon intermediate theatre principles and includes a composition component as well as a performance component. Students will learn and implement the creative process from idea conception to performance as they work in groups to write, edit, cast, block, orchestrate, choreograph, and rehearse an original work. By the end of the semester, students will understand what goes into writing a musical production and better appreciate musical theater as a whole.

  • Engage in an educational, 14-week musical theatre course.
  • Exclusively for students age 13-18.
  • Classes meet on Tuesdays, 9am - 12pm, Feb. 5 - May 14. PLUS, see schedule below for additional times.
  • Class experience culminates with 4 performances of the full-scale, original Broadway-style NarroWay production, "Billy Loves Bobby Sue." Performances are open to the public and featured on NarroWay's show schedule.
  • Course fee of $180 includes full semester instruction and cast t-shirt.

Class Schedule:

  • February 5 (Tuesday), 9am-12pm; first class meeting
  • April 23 (Tuesday), NO Class / Spring Break
  • May 11 (Saturday), 8pm-10:30pm; Set change / Staging instruction
  • May 13 (Monday), 9am-12pm; Rehearsal
  • May 14 (Tuesday), 9am-12pm; Final Tuesday rehearsal
  • May 15 (Wednesday), 9am-8:30pm; PERFORMANCE DAY
  • May 16 (Thursday), 9am-8:30pm; PERFORMANCE DAY

Performance Information

May 15, 1pm and 6:30pm
May 16, 1pm and 6:30pm

Students perform the full-length feature production

"Billy Loves Bobby Sue"
An original NarroWay production

A high-energy musical set in 1969 and filled with American history. What starts out as a dare ends up as destiny when a godly old grandma teaches that you can’t judge a book by its cover!


Ages 7-12

This class develops basic theatrical skills, teamwork, leadership, discipline and cooperation while students work together to bring a live musical theatre show to the stage.

  • Engage in an educational, 15-week musical theatre course.
  • Exclusively for students age 7-12.
  • Classes meet on Wednesdays, 9am - 11:30am, Feb. 6 - May 21. PLUS, see schedule below for specific scheduling.
  • Class experience culminates with a performances of the mini-musical "Are We There Yet."
  • Course fee of $130 includes full semester instruction and cast t-shirt.

Class Schedule:

  • February 6 (Wednesday), 9am-11:30am; first class meeting
  • April 24 (Wednesday), NO Class / Spring Break
  • May 15 (Wednesday), NO Class (Teen student musical performs)
  • May 21 (Tuesday), 9am-7:30pm; PERFORMANCE DAY. Final class session meets all day. Bring a sack lunch. Supper provided.

Performance Information

May 21, 6:30pm

Students perform the mini-musical

"Are We There Yet"

Retelling the story of the Exodus, this creative musical captures the humanity and humor of Moses, Aaron, Miriam and others who journeyed with them. Published by Hope Publishing

billy loves bobby sue

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